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Charles Landever
I had my insurance through Kirby for multiple years. the company itself was great but having Charles (Chuck) as my agent was one of the worse experiences of my life. He has a temper problem that makes you feel very un-welcomed. He is rude, and doesn't care to insult customers for any reason, including when he is in a bad mood. One day I stopped by the office to pay my bill, and he was not in a good mood, you could tell by him stumping the phone and smacking his office desk. after some time he got so upset he kicked a customer out of the office for no reason, the guy was not even talking to him.
He also Brags about owning the company left and right when it turns out the company is owned by someone else, someone I believe called Jim Kirby.
Another problem I had, he refused to tell me what my insurance covered, he just kept telling me I wouldn't understand and I should let him take care of it, I should just make the payments.
the most terrible experience I have had with an insurance agent. I will never bring my business again to this place, and so should you.

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